Selling A Home

Steps To Selling Your Home & How We Can Help!

Helping Sellers Is Our Expertise

We represent sellers in every facet of today’s real estate market. We have the knowledge and expertise to help make a seemingly daunting process, simple and enjoyable.

Here is an overview of the selling process and how we, as the local experts, can help you along the way!

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    Give Us a Call

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    Meet With Us & Establish A Price

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    Stage Your Home

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    Professional Photography

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    Listing Your Home

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    Marketing Your Home

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    Showing Your Home

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    Negotiate An Offer

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    Execute Contracts

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    Inspections & Appraisals

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    Final Negotiations

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    Closing Day

1. Give Us a Call

We know selling your home can be an overwhelming process and we are here to help every step of the way. From pricing to negotiations to closing, we have the knowledge, experience and the resources to ensure the best real estate experience possible.

2. Meet With Us & Establish A Price

As your realtor, we will provide you with an in-depth analysis and research of the current market to help you maximize your return. We look at your neighborhood and area as a whole, breaking down and analyzing each sale within the last 6 months to a year. We work backwards and do the math together, to understand your bottom line and establish a listing price and a realistic sales goal.

3. Stage Your Home

While many factors play into what a home is worth and what buyers are willing to pay for it, staging is an excellent tool that can be used to give a home a little extra push. Staging is utilized on every one of our listings because the impact and the value it adds is unmatched. Staging elevates your home above the competition and helps minimize your time on market and increases for what you may sell your home.

4. Professional Photography

One of the most important ways to reach potential buyers is through our online presence. Once your home is cleaned, staged, and ready to list, it is time for professional photography. Photography is completed 24 to 48 hours prior to the home being listed for sale.

5. Listing Your Home

All of your hard work is ready to be put on display. Once the photos have been returned, the house is placed for sale in the MLS. Not only will your home be in the MLS, but it will be placed in dozens of other various real estate websites.

6. Marketing Your Home

Your home’s online presence, is first and foremost, the best way to market your home. Once your home is listed in the MLS, we will feature your home on sites like Zillow, Trulia,, and many more! The next best type of marketing is the real estate community and other streams to reach the general public through various print marketing avenues.

7. Showing Your Home

Once the home is featured on all of the major real estate websites and we have gotten your home in front of as many potential buyers as we can, buyer’s agents will start requesting to show your home. Showings are in one-hour increments and you will need to excuse yourself from the home during this period. After every showing, we should get information pertaining to the buyer’s thoughts on your home. We refer to this as feedback. Small or large adjustments may need to be made with consistent feedback. These adjustments would include staging, pricing, marketing, etc.

8. Negotiate An Offer

All of your hard work has paid off – a buyer has fallen in love with your home! They love it so much, they have written an offer. We will walk you through all of the terms of this offer and help you negotiate to get you the most for your home

9. Execute Contracts

Once the offer is negotiated, we will generally utilize digital signatures to execute the agreement. As your agent, we will facilitate with the buyer’s agent to finalize the contract and tie up any loose ends.

10. Inspections & Appraisals

Most contracts will include a home inspection. Within ten days of an accepted contract, an inspection company will come to your home and identify any defects in the home with a written report. At this time, the buyers may ask for repairs to be done before closing. Together, we will review these requests and decide whether or not you are willing to make these repairs.

11. Final Negotiations

Once an agreement has been reached on inspection repair requests, the sale can move onto the appraisal process. This expert opinion from a certified, state-licensed professional, who determines the value of a piece of property, provides a third-party valuation for the mortgage company.

12. Closing Day

Closing Day! At this stage, the buyer will sign all mortgage documents and any other paperwork needed to complete the transaction. The title of the home, in the form of a deed, will also be transferred from you, the seller, over to the buyer. Congratulations! You have closed the deal – your home is officially SOLD!

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